Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys are done to mark on the ground, and map on paper, ownerships described on deeds. They are required when new monuments (markers) are set or when new parcels of land are created (partitions or subdivisions). Additionally, city or county governments may require a property to be surveyed prior to granting a building permit. Title companies and lenders often require that a property be surveyed and marked prior to sale.

 Topography Surveys

Topography (topographic) surveys are done to map existing features (natural or manmade) on a site. They assist engineers, architects, and designers in matching planned structures to the lay of the land. They may be required to determine whether a site is suitable for building.

 Construction Surveys

Construction surveys are done to lay out designed features on the ground. They are necessary when setbacks are critical or when new construction needs to match in precisely with existing structures.


We are available for consulting regarding survey requirements and survey work that has been done in a particular area and to provide contacts with local specialists in planning, engineering, architecture, and construction.


We are happy to provide education regarding survey concepts and methods to individuals or classes.